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No. The oppositte of yes. NO!
Natty do you want to ever grow up? "Netho." Ok fine, be a baby forever then. Do u want some ice cream? "Netho." Whatever!
by Mac The Ripper September 27, 2012
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Often found on the recesses of various chat programmes I.E irc, These strange beasts feel the need to be very libral with the webcam or pictures of themselves, often exposing the BOOBEH'S! and VAGINA!, there the equivalent of dirty sluts in the *real* world.
(MrSmith) Hi There.
(Net-Ho) Hi hehe, I've never done this with anyone before but like, DO YA WANNA SEE MY WEBCAM! I'LL FLASH you! my BEWBS! c'mon babeh! I'll get muh P00N out fer YOU! want a pic of MUH fish TUNNEL?
(MrSmith) Wtf?..
(MrSmith) Yeh sure.
by The Budgie November 23, 2004
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