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The state of having just finished one series on Netflix and wondering what to start next. You have seen every series that your friends have suggested and your evenings seem empty and meaningless. You are afraid you may resort to drastic measures such as reading books or watching (gulp)... Documentaries.
What's wrong Denise? You don't seem yourself today"

"Oh well I'm in Netflux. I just finished season two of Orange is the new black in two days and season 3 won't be out until 2015."
"Oh man. Been there. Have you seen the Killing"
"downton Abbey, Madmen, House of Cards?
Breaking Bad?
"Yes but it was so long ago I should probably watch Season one and two again"
"Oh ya do that, those were the best seasons!"
#netflix #endofseriessadness #netflox #hbover #between series
by Linzylulu August 13, 2014
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Netflux n. While watching an episode on regular TV, you wish you could just marathon the whole season on Netflix.
I'm feeling the netflux with this show. It's like "Lost" used to be; I wish I could just see it all at once, instead of being strung along for years with only glimpses of back story.
#netflix #tv #dvr #marathon #que #backstory
by PrimordialBiscuit January 28, 2014
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