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For dumbass people who can’t figure out how to find movies online.
The internet? You say, I can find movies?

Nah. I'm gonna be smart. With Netflix: I'll "pay" to watch a movie.
by dogsread31 February 14, 2011
Piece of junk that doesn't actually have ANY decent or new-ish movies. Who cares if it enables you to watch movies on your Wii? Why can't you do that on your computer, or your iPod, or even your *gasp* DVD player? They don't even have Ghostbusters or Alien or anything, they're that bad. If you must see it for yourself, get the one-month free trial and then RETURN IT.
That was a great movie...maybe Netflix will have it in 45 years!
by Disvan November 24, 2010
The reason no one has a life anymore. E.g. I haven't left my bed in 24 hours, I blame Netflix
by WATINTHAWORLD September 28, 2014