A polite way of asking for sexual favors. To engage in sexual acts with another person, esp. a new person you don't know well.
Hey babe, want to come over at Netflix? I could use some cuddling and Netflix.
by VeganSunrise April 11, 2015
A beautiful creature that life invented
Girl: Netflix Is Bae!
Father: Let Me Meet This Netflix Kid
by That_One_Chick March 29, 2015
To fuck
"Hey do you want to come over and watch Netflix? Sure. Now I have a dick in my mouth."
by Cheeseypeesey April 27, 2015
to speculatively alter a successful product in a failed attempt to promote a new product, inadvertently angering users, sacrificing years of goodwill, and driving people away from the original product
Google just Netflixed itself when it pushed Google Plus to the top of its search results page.
by foreheadling January 14, 2012
Noun. Shortened way of saying "DVDs received by mail from Netflix online DVD rental service"
I'm not going out tonight. I have alot of netflix at home. Or, I've just returned some Netflix, so I have nothing to watch.
by Becky June 03, 2004
A fabulous online site that you have to pay for (not very much) to watch unlimited movies. Of coarse some movies just aren'tonline but there are so many great movies.
Hey wanna come over we can watch"The Breakfast Club" On netflix
The other day i was sick so, i watched "PLL" All day
by Dance 4 evaaaaaaaa November 13, 2013
1. marijuana
2. smoke marijuana
3. get marijuana
1. Yo, you have netflix?
2. Hey I have an idea, we should go watch netflix.
3. My netflix ran out yesterday, I need to go get more.
by SqueakyPipes January 21, 2013

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