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noun ~ a net-nut is an online individual with no sense of reality. They imbellish their physical characteristics to attract unsuspecting individuals into online relationships. these online Romeos and Juliettes are habitual liars, predators, and/or adulterers. Driven by an insatiable ego, they usually swap false, doctored, or very dated photos of themselves with unsuspecting lonely net~viduals that are desperate enough to believe anything and everything a net-nut tells them. They never disclose their correct age or marital status. Net-nuts have a predisposed phobia of webcams, as they are unable to deliver even themselves as a reality. Usually addicted to online chat rooms and gaming, they are such social intoverts, just going outside gives them the shakes. They consider online friends in cyberspace to be worthy of all their fantasies, free time, and romance. Reality and truth are a net-nuts worst nightmare.
Alex is such a net-nut. He cant find a date on friday night, and he has no real friends. but he has 8 online girlfriends. he tells them he's 6'4", 220 lbs, when really he's 5'4" 220lbs and is as big around as he is tall. His best friends are his right hand and his keyboard.
by Ez Rider July 17, 2006
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technological hybrid/lowbrid, a loner completely unaware he/she has become one; but has to order out food and take 'washroom breaks' in his/her own home because he/she is afraid of missing some crucial statement typed from across the world...some may have catheters or colostomy bags attached to them..some have beerfridges next to their computers..they don't sleep much 5-10 hours a week..and usually have monetary issues due to the fact they cant hold a job seeing as it may interfere with whats going on online..sad individuals in need of therapy..
we all knew lil susie was a netnut when we smelled the decayin food in her house and saw the ashtrays all full.. it took 5 of us to haul her 300 lb carcass away from the computer and into netdetox
by llynn byrne July 17, 2006
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