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Term used to express disinterest, ambivalence, or indifference in any given situation.

Originated in Cincinnati, Ohio, then spread to Miami University of Ohio.
Copyright, Connor Tubbs Martin.
Hannah: Rachel! Study for your exam, you're gonna fail!!
Rachel: ... Nesh. *continues to not study*

Kelli: Mike! Move over, you're pushing me off the bed.
Mike: ... Nesh. *continues to sleep*
by RachSkip March 22, 2011
Used in Australia too.
Similar to "fragile". Used in conjunction with other derogatory slang.
Heard it at skate-park.
He's not trying that?
Nah he's a nesh mongo newbie.
by rob75 May 15, 2007
also used in cheshire
nesh =adjective to describe someone who likes comfort, avoids any hardship
he was a very nesh character
by Anonymous September 28, 2003
A common "school boy" term used to describe a penis of two or fewer inches in length
That dude has a nesh
by rrffvvttggbb May 31, 2010
nesh should almost always be followed Southern Jessie.
ie. Whats up with yu ?
Yu Southern Jessie.
by Craven C August 06, 2003
'nesh' cold. taken from the french word 'neige' i persume means snow.
when going outside for a ciggarette 'its nuff nesh out here'
by kate December 22, 2004