Term used to express disinterest, ambivalence, or indifference in any given situation.

Originated in Cincinnati, Ohio, then spread to Miami University of Ohio.
Copyright, Connor Tubbs Martin.
Hannah: Rachel! Study for your exam, you're gonna fail!!
Rachel: ... Nesh. *continues to not study*

Kelli: Mike! Move over, you're pushing me off the bed.
Mike: ... Nesh. *continues to sleep*
by RachSkip March 22, 2011
Used in Australia too.
Similar to "fragile". Used in conjunction with other derogatory slang.
Heard it at skate-park.
He's not trying that?
Nah he's a nesh mongo newbie.
by rob75 May 15, 2007
A southern interpretation on the Sheffield meaning, which is used when something is good or cool.

The word originates from the miss communication when it was being transferred from the northern to southern dialects.
"Do you like my new trainers?

They are well nesh!"
by KrispieBrown July 25, 2011
A common "school boy" term used to describe a penis of two or fewer inches in length
That dude has a nesh
by rrffvvttggbb May 31, 2010
nesh should almost always be followed Southern Jessie.
ie. Whats up with yu ?
Yu Southern Jessie.
by Craven C August 06, 2003
'nesh' cold. taken from the french word 'neige' i persume means snow.
when going outside for a ciggarette 'its nuff nesh out here'
by kate December 22, 2004
To be the sexiest indian alive
Hey im Nesh
by Cool3432 June 14, 2016
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