a word that expresses frustration, like a sigh.
Bob: Hey, your goldfish died.
Jack: What? nerg...
by Museix March 06, 2011
Top Definition
To be used when there is nothing better to say, or you want to say something quirky.
by SkuM001 October 11, 2003
A word to describe someone who is both a nigger and a nerd.
Ex. "Did you see Tyrone playing League of Legends today? Never knew he was such a nerg."
Ex. "DeAndre is good at math, so he is a nerg."
by happysacker June 04, 2016
Nerg is an acronym for-- Not Even Really Good

Man, these kids suck, they are straight nergs

wow, your nerg at this game
by Mark Krueger March 10, 2008
short for the arabic word "nerghile" which is a middle-eastern water pipe used to smoke flavored tobacco out of.
Eddie: Pass the fuckin nerg genj you've had it for an hour.
Vicken: Relax, Rob and Big is on. I like this show.
John: Oh shit its milkyy.
Allen: Suck me off.
Eddie: Fuck this im goin out for a stoge.
Vicken: Oh mannnnn, i smoked a pack today, but i'll go for another smoke genj, im depressed.
by BigCheifKareem November 17, 2008
To Nerd Rage. Yelling or screaming about something to be considered "Nerdy" Geeky" and so on. This is often seen over video games but can be branched out to all forms of games, nerd conversations or arguments.
Dude that guy totally lost his online account, you should listen to him Nerg over the phone!

Man you don't want to step in that room right now that guy won that other guys loot and now he is Nerging out!
by Angel Paige July 11, 2010
A newer greater form of a NEWB
Players in Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War and every other competitive game. Newb. Wow kid your such a Nerg.
by The Man with the Plan aka RVA April 23, 2010
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