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a semen popsicle...used on drunken broads at partys.
Chris gave sarah a nerfcicle
by Chris & Sarah May 06, 2005
35 12

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A frozen treat that is meant for the unsuspecting person that you really dont like, just jack off, freeze it (add dye for effect) and viola!! you have nerfcicle!!
Tommy and tamara were not getting along, tommy hated tamara tommy collected his juice, put it in a popcicle maker, and gave it to tamara as a make up gift. the nerfcicle was her downfall, somethis about a tuna salad monster in her tummy
by Earljohnosn January 25, 2006
11 3
A popsicle made of human man juice. Its the good stuff.
Oh ya, make me another nerfcicle dude. These things are the bomb man! OH YA!
by franksteve October 10, 2005
16 10