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1. A nerd.
2. One who is on the computer or gaming for extended periods of time.
3. A person who obsesses over something such as a certain band or type of music, a "nerdy" activity such as math, arts and crafts, or other "uncool" activitiy
4. Not necessarilly a bad or offensive term. Used when joking with friends or when reffering to yourself to ephasize being orriginal and not being a conformist. Also nerd-zor.
1. Oh my god, what a nerzor.

2. Fred was playing UT all night, he's such a nerdzor!

3. George got 97% on his math test, he's such a nerzor.

4. I made a list of all the great rock bands of 1969! I'm a total nerdzor!

You guys aren't cool enough to hang with the nerdzors.
by van rockenburg February 18, 2005
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Adjective to a weakling nerd that keeps playing a specific game all day long who also beats you all the time, making you want to strangle his neck.
John: Wow! what a nerdzor player!
Nerd: n00b I b33t u
John: I'm gonna strangle your neck!
by Lazorz November 27, 2007

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