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To become a nerd for a temporary amount of time e.g. to study intensively.

Can be abbreviated as NIU.
Person A: Hey don't you have your final exam tomorrow?
Person B: Yeah man, that's why I'm nerding it up tonight for 5 hours.

Person A: Yo, have you studied for your test yet?
Person B: Just about to NIU.
by Jimmeh!!! May 24, 2008
When someone takes something so far that it becomes nerdy. This happens in a couple of ways:

1: is when someone defines or corrects you with dictionary like precision.

2:When someone makes somethign that should be simple and makes it into something really complex by adding longgggg ass names to it
Guy : "Hey, let's go jump off that diving board"

Nerd: " Watch me do a triple backflip while rotating at 2.4 m/s at 57 degrees south of west, and land in the water creating a splash radious of exactly 3.4256 meters...."

Guys: " Uh.... nvm this guy is nerding it up, peace "
by Rza Drizza April 11, 2007