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One who is lacking in proper flirtation skills, and so must resort to behaviors a 3rd grader would partake in to display their attraction, consequently causing all of those who witness such patheticness to gag or remove themselves from the premises.
"Did you see that guy in the study lounge? He was such a nerdflirter! He kept on poking that girl in the arm with is finger and saying, "No, YOUUUUU..." and then she'd just giggle and do the same thing back. I had to bust outta there before the gag-factor triggered a lunch revisit."
by Po. May 01, 2006
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When men or woman flirt with eachother over an online game without realizing that it's pointless and nothing will happen between them. They generally believe eachother to be attractive when they are more likely to be obese or very unnattractive.
guy: "your not bad for a chick."

girl: "I've only gotten a few kills."

guy: "your voice is sexy."

girl: *unplugs mic* "I hate nerd flirters."
by annnnonnnnymous August 23, 2011

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