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Your typical all around nerd, but they are nerds who tower over you like a bird. Can be scrany, average, or fat as long as they are taller than you.
You see them nerdbirds over there... theres no way they're freshman... better keep my distance, never know if they're packing.
by kentuckyfriedcarl February 05, 2009
A term used to describe the gayest, lamest, and nerdiest team in all of baseball; the St. Louis Cardinals.
Did you know A-Mart is a Nerd Birds fan? What is she thinking? What a dork!
by 59 Five June 03, 2011
The private planes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.
Hey, did you know Steve Jobs is taking his Nerd Bird down to the courts to sue the Motorola Droid makers for stealing software that every smart phone now has already because he has nothing better to do?

Bill Gates is on his Nerd Bird right now thinking up ways to make Windows 7 even better.
by Blackhawk101 March 15, 2010
An airliner that flies between two high-tech cities. It is likely that the majority of the passengers will be nerds.
I'm taking the Nerd Bird from Austin to San Jose.
by Lumpy76 December 07, 2005
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