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A new progressive, born to counter the excesses of the neocon and religio-fundamentalist movements, and flawlessly adapted to the Internet as an organizing tool.
Neoprogs swarmed on-line to investigate the allegations made against the Senator.
by webSwarm October 26, 2007

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A label commonly used for new bands influenced by progressive rock. These bands frequently were also influenced by alternative/punk rock, unlike more traditional punk bands, so they have a different sound to them, but also have many of the qualities of progressive rock bands, such as odd time signatures, long songs, classical/jazzy influences, and complex layered songs.
Bands frequently called Neo-prog include: Radiohead, The Mars Volta, Tool, Coheed and Cambria, Dredg, Muse, Kasabian, etc.
by yur mummy September 12, 2006