plural of nan, grandmother.
"where did our nen go?"

"look at all those nen!"

"bring the nen over for dinner"

"are those nen tolling?!"
by nancin April 16, 2009
Top Definition
Synonymous with nothing.


Not anything; no single thing; no one
No amount; not measurable; zero; zip
Amanda: What are you doing tonight?
Caitlin: Nen.
by NenMonster July 04, 2011
1. Something extremely tender esp. meat ;something rather new
2. slang for a noobish, that is new to a certain subject
3. a awesome word to replace nooby or noobish with
1. Dang this meat is so damn nen.
2. WFT your so nen at this game.
by The Nen Master October 22, 2009
A prevalent occurence in the African American community of becoming drowsy after eating a big meal. This generally ends in the person wanting to take a nap. The acronym is derived from "Nigga Eat Nigga Sleep". Synonyms include "niggeritis" and it's shorter form, "itis".
Aight, that meal was good but now I gots the nens. Nothing does a brotha in like good-ol' itis.
by Luminescence August 15, 2007
Never Ever Niggas:

1. Unattractive black male thats no good and never will be.

2. Usally thinks they it going on when they dont.

3. Easily can induce vomiting at the site and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
Girl 1: Hey girl how was the blind date you had last night
Girl 2:Terrible he was a nen for sure
by playa12#! April 01, 2010
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