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to be beast and to poun all while being off your medications.
bro you're such a nelson at dead island.
by jakXIII January 09, 2012
A small town in BC where everyone thinks they are uniquer than everyone else, And ppl say things like my dreads are nicer than your dreads. A place where every cafe has a waitress wearing a tank top with unshaven pits serving local grub and Oso coffee.
Her tribal armband is way different than everyone else s.. shes so RAD!
Shes so Nelson
by raino77 January 05, 2010
If Nelson is the last name of a person, they are often widely disliked by the general public. They are the first people to cause a problem and generate conflict with surrouding co-workers and family members. Last name Nelsons will often seem trustoworthy at first, by watch your back for the knife that is sure to follow. They are mostly very lazy and have a very poor work ethic.

If Nelson is the FIRST name of a person, disregard the above statement. They are generally very good people.
That Willian Nelson was saying some lies about me behind my back.
by Concerned Observer001 October 16, 2010
Street name for the drug MDMA. Origin; Brighton, UK. Derives from the wider known "Mandy"; MDMA - Mandy - Nelson Mandela - Nelson.
"Me and the Barons are cotchin at my rise with 8 grams of Nelson and a fresh pack of polos" Brrrappp!
by Tinmantom May 30, 2007
Small town in england well known for being the most boring place on the earth
god i hate living in nelson, theres nothing to do here
by Effyofthebates April 05, 2011
nelsoning. (v.) to lie. spam, invite yourself somewhere (adj.) to be a liar, compulsive lies.
My uncle own numerous boats and jet airplanes, and he is the star of the newest Indiana Jones movie... stop being a nelson kid.
by JjHair November 23, 2009
A lover of buttcrack. A faithful companion of cracks in butts, everywhere. Will love your buttcrack even through the hardships that it may face. Through life and death, through sickness and health, the Nelson will be there, to guide your buttcrack through the toughest times. You can always count on the Nelson to look out for your buttcrack.
" I'm so glad I have a Nelson in my life.. what would I do without my Nelson? "
by Cinna bunonmy elmo September 19, 2009
N. someone who smokes weed and has more fun doing boring everyday things rather than doing something exciting
Girl 1: Damn, I was smokin' with this guy last night. We got really high, i wanted to bone, but all he wanted to do was watch t.v.

Girl 2: Wow, what a nelson. Sounds boring
by Drake Fisher February 08, 2009