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a woman or teenager who is more commenly refered to as a hoe, or bitch. One that is only talked to by a group of men for sexual favors, and afer they are all finished with her they send her on home untill they need her services again
Jim's girl left him, let's call the neighborhoe and get his dick sucked

Theres that neighborhoe...ya'll feel like beatin tonight?
by Jay You March 17, 2007

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Someone whos your best friend that lives in your neighborhood. NOT just a best friend who doesn't live close to you and NOT someone who lives close to you who isn't a best friend.
Neighborhoe uses the part of the word "hoe" in a friendly. Such as when people say "my hoe" or "my bitches"
"don't mess with me and my neighborhoes"

"whats up my neighborhoe?"
by MR.ead December 19, 2009