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neighbors that are bros or who listen to dane cook, jack johnson, or dave mathews, people who wear sideways hats and sunglasses and most frat boys are bros
"Who the fuck is blasting jack johnson constantly on your floor?"
"My fucking neighbros chad and the philster"
by Marky mark & the fun bunch November 13, 2007
2 7
(noun) An African American person who lives near you.
Honey, the new neighbro wants to borrow a cup of sugar, to make some Kool-aid
by Porsche Monkey July 02, 2007
56 30
a neighbor who is a close friend
taylor down the street is my neighbro
by mikeizzal February 22, 2009
26 12

1. A neighbor who is a trustworthy friend that accepts and loves you for who you are, no matter what, or how much you've had to drink... :-P

Note: Gender/Race/Age is inconsequential.

2. Usually a neighbor that you know you can TRUST to watch your crib and feed your pets while you are riding the rollercoasters at Dollywood or just happen to be gone for a day or more. ie: On Vacation.

3. A neighbor that you care about (and cares about you) like a family member.
I invented this word on June 17, 2005 (approx. 22:00 EST) while having a party with some neighbors (who are also good friends) in my apartment complex. They all liked it, so I figured I'd better put it on the URBANDICTIONARY to get credit for it before any of my Neighbro's did. :-)
by Earl Oaks (A.K.A. Jumper) June 30, 2005
33 27
A friend or a bro that is also your neighbor.
I was out walking my dog yesterday when I saw my neighbro.
by pfroe11 June 03, 2011
7 3
African Americans who live in your neighborhood.
Last night all i could hear was rap and yelling coming from my neighbro's crib. Watta Ta.
by j big object May 01, 2008
3 0
A male comrade that lives next door. A bro that is a neighbour. A neighbro.
Yeah, me and bob are great bros, he lives next to me. He is my Neighbro
by AAALAAADIIN August 06, 2013
1 0
1. When someone's finger slips on a keyboard when trying to write "neighbor"

2. A neighbor of bro worthy status.
1. Mozzi was typing too fast and accidentally wrote "Hi there neighbro"


Bro 1: Yo yo what's up neighBRO?

Bro 2: Not much neighBRO what's up with you?

Bro 1: Hah not much neighBRO i was just on my way to the store to buy BROtein

Bro 2: Aw sick BRO, you're such a BROle model!

Bro 1: I do what I can BROciety, you get what i'm saying?

Bro 2: Gnarly BRO! BROceed to the store
by Mozzi March 04, 2014
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