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a word that describes a way someone is acting.
if a person is acting like a negro, u would describe their actions as being negrotistical.
danny:hey nick, wanna go to the movies?

nick:nigga no! damn pussy ass nigga, i dont think u worthy of my presence nigga.

danny:nick, ur acting very negrotistical.
by danny August 19, 2004
11 3
A personality trait which describes an individual who always gets away with referring to everyone (including themselves) as "nigger," or "nigga."
Tom- "Whaddup niggaz!"
Tom's friends- " 'Sup Tom."
Tom- "Y'all niggas are ice cold. I'll catch ya laterrrr."

(Tom leaves room.)
Tom's friend Jimmy- "I love Tom, but sometimes he can be really negrotistical."

(Group of friends nod heads in agreement.)
by Arya Stark November 20, 2013
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1. Any instance in which the 'race card' is baselessly or unjustifiably put in play. 2. Any public display of attitudes, thoughts, or behaviors that compromise the forward progress of African-Americans and reinforce historically ill-formed racial stereotypes.
Nothing is more negrotistical than making hair bonnets, rollers, or wave caps an acceptable part of your daily attire.
by TheRenaissanceDude April 29, 2010
1 1
Another word for nigger, A nigger, A black statistic
You negrotistical motherfucker
by $RC$ January 03, 2008
3 5