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Same as a necromancer, but instead communicates with spirits of black people rather than spirits of dead people, better known as the art of negromancy. Also gives better use to the term "black magic". Oh yeah, and he's black.
-You're a negromancer!
by Shavy McShae October 28, 2005
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One who practices 'Black Magic'. i.e. is capable of seducing European women, often by the use of ancient magic potions such as Rohypnol.
N1: I see that nigger has bagged himself another whitey, know what I'm sayin'?

N2: Like yo. Dat nigger is one sweeeet Negromancer, he's gonna romance her good.

N1: Although technically it's considered rape.

N2: Quite so.
by The Sharpster December 19, 2007
A person with the ability to rile up and / or manipulate people of African decent by either words, actions, or promises. Usually these are false-promises, lies, and unfair representation. Commonly for a political agenda.
Guy 1: Why do all the black guys do what Guy 3 says?
Guy 2: He is a Negromancer, he tells them what they want to hear and they do what he says, even though he almost never does what he says.
by dontbeslappingmypenis69 December 28, 2014

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