a black robot
Cyborg from "Teen Titans" was half negroid, half black kid.
by Hub April 07, 2012
When a nigger finally moves into your neighborhood. That is a sad day. This is their new name.
"Hey man, did you see that damn negriod round the corner?"
by Lauren Robinson June 19, 2005
Of or being a major human racial classification traditionally distinguished by physical characteristics such as brown to black pigmentation and often tightly curled hair and including peoples indigenous to sub-Saharan Africa.
Scientist 1: This negroid seems to have sustained significant burn tramas to the skin.

Scientist 2: He was most likely burned at the stake by a divition of the Klu Klux Klan.

Scientist 1: What should we do? This guy looks like hes about to die,

Scientist 2: Good, let that nigger die.. breathing our air. Shit fuck! cough cough. I mean, umm, we must do every medical procedure available to us to save this man from this horrible death.
by Mike B May 23, 2005
Nigger+hemoroid=pain in the ass
The negroid came without all the cash.
by bahhhh_kkk May 19, 2013
it's an affectionate term towards a person that you see as a close friend or family member.
Be ready by 3 P.M. tomorrow negroid ; we're going skating!
by Bojangles & sw20elite February 23, 2010
One of African ethnicity and having Mongoloid like features; a dumb nigger
Me: Hey Cletus u see them niggers over there?
Cletus: I see a couple of coons over there but thats it.
Me: Yah im talking bout them negroids over there lets go getem
Cletus: Im game but first lets get naked with our sisters and touch each other
by Niggerbop April 12, 2009
Negroid. steroids for black people, very cheap and dont do anything to you, taken through a syringe. Gives you a great buzz, and keeps you staying blacker then ever.
Yo nigga, i got these insane negroids, 1$ per syringe
by the white nagga November 05, 2010

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