A nigger.
Nigger: Negro is less offensive, rather than Nigger.
Person1: Yeah, okay nigger.
by zombiekitten September 06, 2007
A marijuana spliff rolled with clove tobacco and black cigarette paper to disguise the smell of the weed.
"What is that thing joe is smoking"

"Its a spliff"

"It barely smells and why is it black"

"Its a Neg-Ro"
by 630SHIFTY March 29, 2010
a dark skin black. Later a black person of any skin color was considered negro. Negro is now considered offensive and is now not used to describe a dark skin black or a black person of any skin color.
Dark skin blacks were considered negroes. Light skin blacks and brown skin blacks were also considered mulatto. Mulatto is considered a racist term.
by QueenAfrica June 25, 2009
A negro is commonly a black person.Some people think that Negros are monkeys.
Uncle Ruckus hates Negros and think that they cant go the white heaven
by Boondocks Def October 25, 2013
Noun: African-American

Adjective: Of or relating to African-American culture

Verb: To do something phat.

Sometimes used as a compliment.
noun: "The new BurgerKing manager is a negro."

adjective: "Thats wall is mad negro!"

verb: "I negro'd that biatch, holmes."
by ZT June 07, 2005
A word derived from spanish meaning black. In the time of the slave trade spanish people used to call black people 'negro' people (logical huh?) and some fucktard misinterpretted it and came up with the racist word nigger.
spanish slave trader dude: 'Dos negro persona(translation - 2 black people)'
Retarded racist: ngr? Waht diiid yuo sya.
Niggar?' <----so dumb he cant even spell lol :P
by fu2biatch May 24, 2005
1.Means "black" in Spanish.
2.Word used to be used by white americans to despise black slaves.
Nowadays only black americans use it to each other.
1. "Un sombrero negro" translation " a black hat "

2.Extract of notice
"By virtue of a deed of trust, given to me, and bearing date, the 6th day of February, 1828, I shall, on the twenty-ninth day of April next, sell, at public auction, to the highest bidder of eash a valuable young NEGRO woman. ..." by *a random guy named* Robert Moffett
by getITstraightMAN June 07, 2010
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