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a person with very few outstanding qualities. A person who completely blends in with his or her surroundings. A person who fits into no social class from dork to jock.
Wow, I didn't even know that kid was in our class, and we sat next to eachother the entire year? What a neff.
by neversummer5720 June 11, 2005
239 186
AKA a random kid; someone with no distinguishing features
THat kid is such a neff, he lacks any sort of distinguishing feature at all.
by Anus Face March 04, 2004
26 12
outsider who doesnt fit in with the rest of the crowd
man: who is that kid
kid: oh, thats just a neff.. he doesnt talk to us
man: thats too bad
by nonneff December 19, 2010
89 84
"On my dead homies from the Mountains of West Virginia"
(East Coast dialect.)
Neffs on Star Wars.
Neffs on Pizza Hut.
Say Neffs!
by Mizzilk November 10, 2003
18 18
v. To send data, usually with a phone, using near-field or NFC technology. Often involves the use of jailbroken mobile devices. Popular with New York City teenagers.
Yo, neff me that new Akon track and I'll hook you up later.
by Dwight3000 December 29, 2011
30 42
It means young boy or a older person who likes to act young.
Neff, what's good?
by Jyuzayeguuwaah Summers June 10, 2009
66 91
a straight male who hangs out with all the hot girls but never gets anything from any of them (often refered to as the bestfriend)
situation 1:

guy 1- hey dude im goin to the movies with a few girls tonight...

guy 2- nice man, yougonna get any?

guy 1- probibly not

guy 2- dude dont be such a neff

situation 2:

chick 1: im thinking about going out with tyler

chick 2: ew no, hes just a neff!
by nathaniel bangem March 26, 2009
14 40