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Neeooobb: A declaration of delight, excitement or satisfaction.
Pronunciation Key: (Knee-ow-b)

Emerged during the 21st century noughties in the Peoples Republic of Cork (Ireland). Predominantly, but not exclusively, Corkonian in usage as a sister phrase to “The Job”. The intensity of emotion being articulated may be emphasised by exaggerating the “ow” of the pronunciation key at will.

Expressions of mild satisfaction may be conveyed using “Neeooobbles” referring to a “bite-size” serving of “Neeooobb”

As is frequently documented in Irish folklore, Alcohol (“Murphys” for the true Corkonian) provides the foundation of many a social event. Excessive consumption of such beverages may lead to similarly excessive but incorrect usage of the neeooobb idiom. (As illustrated below)
Correct Usage:

Statement “Check out the body on yer one like, she’s savage!”
Reaction “Neeooobb!”

Statement “Fancy a pint?”
Reaction “Neeooobb!”

Statement “Nice one! I found me keys
Reaction “Neeooobbles!”

Statement “We’re after winnin’ de Lotto”
Reaction “Neeoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobb”

Incorrect Usage:

Statement “Aw Jesusya big eejit, you’re after puking all over my new treads!”
Reaction “Nee-Bleaaaach-ooobbb”

Declaration “Neeooobb!”
Reaction “Nah boy, she’s mingin’ like”
by Slunk June 29, 2005
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