A person of color or nappy hair.
That nee nee was buying an awful lot of kool aid for just himself.
Top Definition
a small elf like creature that lives where beer is stored. It protects yur beer of all evil.
watch my beer neenee.
by neenee July 08, 2003
Microscopic creatures from the planet Quazooba that now live in pencil holders on desks feeding from the pencil shavings and small bits of paper.
Save the Nee-nee's!

The Nee-nee's are stranded on earth and need our help to survive.
by MagikGhost720 September 03, 2011
a disturbance in the force...
Oh dont panic,its just neenee!
by Kimah! October 14, 2004
usually, people who use this word are silly
victoria used the word "nee nee" that means she is silly.
by nickjonas51 March 22, 2010
A word used to describe anything and everything.

It helps speed up conversation when you stop and have to think what to say.

It's usually common for someone to start saying it after listening to a friend use it for a period of time.
Person 1: Hey George, can you pass me the neenee?

Person 2: Gosh Cameron, stop being such a neenee!
by LalalalaECG June 30, 2011
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