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A derivative of the word "neeb" in turn of a derivative of the word "noob."

Neebus has many variations including and not limited to: "n33bus", "neebu5", "n33bu5".

A neebus is defined as a person whose is soo noobish they can't be placed in the the above categories (see Newbie, noob, neeb).
Person 1 - "Im gonna kill u ass man."
Person 2 - "dude, ur like lvl 1."
Person 1 - "wats a lvl???"
Person 2 - "check this guy out..."
Person 3 - "lol, what a neebus"
Person 2 - "Yeh, he aint a n00b at all. hes worse"
by Tom Maher November 08, 2007
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