A one word statement which declares the one whom utters the word has a stupidass mother
My mom is an alcoholic. NEEBO!
My mother won't shut her fat ass up, neebo.
Neebo? Neebo.
Dude your mom is such a MILF, too bad she's neebo though.
by son of a ***** January 09, 2010
Top Definition
A corporate idiot who cares only about self advancement, even to the demise of their coworkers, peers and the whole company itself.

A selfish ass, lacking good ethics in the workplace.

Has no concern for others, unless it benefits them personally in some way.
There goes another neebo, stepping on everybody to get to the top.

Our CEO is a real neebo. He ran this company into the ground, fired mass employees, collected his annual bonuses, then moved on to bigger & better things.
by zZzZz December 04, 2013
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