1. Internet movie made on a shoestring in the Netherlands about a group of three beautifully morbidly obsessed (or perhaps just eternally curious) teenagers who vow that the first of them to die will have the process of his/her decomposition broadcast on the Web from a camera installed in his/her well-lit coffin. Darkly witty, even if its reputation seems to exceed its availability.

2. Any similar setup in real life (or real death, I suppose). Unclear at the time of writing if anyone has actually done this, although there is at least one fake version on the Web. In theory there may or may not be cybernetically accessible environmental controls, more than one camera, et cetera.
I managed to download Necrocam a few years back. Gross, but intriguing.

Pamela says she wants necrocam coverage when she dies. Everyone to their own taste.
by Fearman April 10, 2008

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