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A waster who is so stupid and pointless in their existence that they may as well not even have a brain or indeed a head in which to keep one. Someone who believes tracksuit bottoms and rock port boots look good together and thinks Argos jewellery is 'dead fukn classy like pet'.

Usually a scally,pikey,kev,townie, charver,trailer trash,cracker or indeed any form of looser
Deborah: Look at all those work shy pikeys in the 'Everythings a Pound' shop Charles...

Charles: Yes Deborah, see them grab at those poor quality goods like the cavemen they are. What an absolute bunch of neck enders.

Deborah: our so right Charles, I love you.

Charles: I love you too Deborah
by Jonathan McTwattybollocks May 26, 2004
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