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It's a necessary accessory. Like a cap or an oversized watch. An extra item you feel compelled to wear, "rock", or "roll with."
When walking down Michigan Avenue in Chicago everyone you pass seems to be sold on one necessory or another, like an MP3 player or a bold breifcase.
by Rich Wilens August 25, 2006
1. Necessary Accessories.

2. Things that one typically carries on one's person every day in order to maintain one's current standard of living. For many, this would include (remember, this list is not exhaustive):

. cell phones
. mp3 devices
. purses
. wallets
. automobile keys
. several blunts
. lighters
. lip gloss
. nines, or
. writing utensils
"Hey Six! Man, you seem to be lugging a lot of stuff around in your pants, there, I see."
"So, ah... response?--"

"These are my necessories, Leroy. I challenge you to walk a day in my shoes."
And then I busted out my nine.
by siXcarbXn April 02, 2010
An article of clothing typically chosen as an accent piece, but which is currently being worn for a practical, often embarrassing purpose.
"That scarf looks great on you!"

"Thanks, but it's covering up this huge coffee stain."

"Ouch. Well, way to rock that necessory!"
by lek.tro March 02, 2010
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