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1. Is a powerful defensive move where-by the defending team, in the game of In-definately, catches the ball, frisbee, and bottle before they hit the ground. Thus scoring three points for the defense. First successfully performed in 2008 in Red Creek, WV

(The game "In-definately" may have other names. Involves a ball, frisbee, and bottle. The frisbee is thrown at the ball and bottle. Two teams rotating turns score points when the ball frisbee or bottle fall to the ground.)

2. When a jewish girl (rada) finds herself on the receiving end of an atomic sit up/Cincinnati blowfish while wearing ice skates.
1. We fell behind after they scored 2 nease-radas. The game ended on a walk off nease-rada. 2.She deserved the nease-rada she got at the conference.
by BMOTY September 23, 2010