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pronoucned: in`deed-

1:to own in such a way that the other person says wow I got owned real bad and the "owner" says to the "ownee" "nd33d".

2: to severely own or pwn in the face or head area (maybe throat on some occasions).

3(Used as an interjection): similar to yes, refering to something that owns, in all tenses i.e. owned, has owned, was owned, has been own, etc.
Joe: I got you with a headshot from the passenger seat of a warthog
Bob: Yeah I got pwned
Joe: No you got nd33d, my friend.

Joe: I got 5 Kilimanjaros on the Halo 2 Bungie CTF sever today.
Bob: Wow nd33d.

Bob: Wow I owned.
Joe: Nd33d.
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