1. Shorthand for "and". Fuckin' MSN slang.
2. "Not demonstrated". The equivalent of an F-grade in my school's pussy-whipped grading system.
1. "omg nd then i went 2 da shopz to by clovz and i got this kute lil top nd itz soooooooooo kewl!!1111"
2. "You got an ND in graphics? Who fucking cares?"
by Splintax September 06, 2004
Top Definition
Slang word for and. One of the many reasons I cannot successfully communicate with other teenagers through the internet, since they do not write in clear English
nd he was like so cute
by Dan February 29, 2004
stands for Negligent discharge

A negligent discharge (ND) is a discharge of a firearm involving culpable carelessness. In judicial and military technical terms, a negligent discharge is a chargeable offence. A number of armed forces automatically consider any accidental discharge to be negligent discharge, under the assumption that a trained soldier has control of his weapon at all times. This is the case notably in the United States Army, Canadian Army, the Royal Air Force and the British Army.

who just ND'D??
by TOMshemmell January 01, 2009
The University of Notre Dame.
Rudy went to ND and got his Irish Catholic on!!
by Rokinfreeworld January 01, 2004
No doubt. a common slang term. an agreement term. used to end most conversations
Guy 1: hey man that shit is so tight.
Guy 2: ND man
by alec brickey January 19, 2007
Nigga dick
1.You're such a ND.

2.Omg why would you ever suck a ND?!

by Niggadicksforlife November 27, 2013
Napoleon Dynamite. The greatest movie in the history of the Earth.
Kip - "I didn't enjoy ND that much."

Deb - "Hey fuck you man, ND is the greatest movie in all of the history of Earth and time."
by The Baron Von Ozwald December 20, 2012
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