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An acronym for "nose breath laughing out loud" or "nose breathing laughing out loud." This is the type of restrained laughter that you might use in an office, or other public setting, for something at which you would normally laugh out loud.
Everyone in the office thought Becky was having an asthma attack -- turns out she was just nblol'ing at yet another insidious cat video. Don't scare us again like that, Becky.

omg i nblol'd @ ur txt so hard it nearly cleared my sinuses. thx.

Darlene sent out a company e-mail which invoked nblol'ing throughout the office. The resulting sound was reminiscent of a Lamaze class.

Everyone in the waiting room peered over at Gertrude as she nblol'd at the Reader's Digest story in a maniacal, germ-spreading manner.
by guyinablueshirtandkhakistoday October 21, 2013
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