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1. A variation on the word "no," spoken with greatest intensity and vigour, only spoken when "really and vehemently meant."

2. Optometrist term for macular degeneration caused by constant "eye-skeetin'," otherwise known as ocular ejaculation. Sometimes called "visual contact."
"Natasha axed me if she could hit up my
sour patch kids but I knew that if I let
her have even one she would never quit so I yelled NAWP at her fat, stanky, hoochass."
by Lil pooikiewansteg September 01, 2004
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nawp (nəʊp)

— sentence substitute
an informal word for no, a variant of "nope".

— To express intense dissatisfaction towards a person, place or thing.

— In Canada, "nawp" usually precedes the phrase "Don't know anything about it".
JOHN - "Hey Chris, I uploaded the report you requested to the server."

CHRIS - "Thanks John, I..." --- (gets interrupted by third party)

CARL - "NAWP!, Don't know anything about it!"
by The Canadian Magic Man January 27, 2011

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