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nawbee is a universal word that can be characterized as a verb, adjective, noun, etc.

How does one become a 'nawbee' you ask? A nawbee in noun form is a promiscuous person who goes into dungeons and nawbees (verb form for sex) people.

'Nawbee' can also be translated as, "No, b". B as in baller. "No, baller.". The two words are conformed into one word to create, 'nawbee'.

Another word that incorporates the words, 'monster' and 'nawbee' is referred to as a 'nawbster'. A nawbster is one who goes into dungeons and nawbees(v) nawbees(n). Another word that defines a 'nawbster' is a 'nawbeast' which incorporates the words 'nawbee' and 'beast'.
"That nawbster just went back down into the dungeon!"

"Stop nawbeeing, you're going to get an STD!"

"Nawbee, I'm just playin'."
by Lymari November 12, 2007
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