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ANOTHER leftist distortion of conservative views. I merely pointed out that while a number of Nobel laureates disagreed with the Bush tax cuts, the Nobel gang has never exactly been known as a gang of right-wingers. Now I have a style of economics named after me.
"I support the Bush Tax Cuts".
"Oh, you must be a stupid and evil person. There is no way my off-the-cuff extremist interpretation of your views could be incorrect".
by The Real Navien June 17, 2004
5 15
An economic system whereby an executive continues to push an agenda that has been proven to be retrogressive and ultimately impossible by the most distinguished members of the economic community.
Navien: "This year, despite concerns from 12 Noble Laureates, I will make the tax cuts permanent."
by Master Navien June 17, 2004
9 4