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A girl (under the age of 15) from Peace River, AB who "hooks up with" a Navagator (shitty hockey player whose hockey career is going no where in life)and later on becomes a puck bunny for the rest of the hockey team.

Becka....Marlee....Pretty much anyone from the Grade 8 class.
Noski- Hey, I just had a gang bang with a 15 year old.

Romeo- Neat...just another navahoe...can I take her for a ride?

Noski- Sure....she's just a puck bunny now!

All- haha hahahaha
by Rusty October 08, 2004
53 19
Any Navy girl, ship or shore-based, who gives it up at the drop of a hat and gets around regularly. Ordinarily, best kept in the dark or with her face covered. See also: boat hoe

"That chick from the Saipan's so nasty, she reall hoe!"
"Yeah man, she's a Nav-a-hoe."
by LordKhyron75 October 07, 2003
20 9
A slang term used for loose Navy women.
That bitch that works in engineeering, total Navahoe.
by FreqHopMaster March 11, 2009
9 3
A very permicious female that's in the Navy who gives it up to everyone on sight regardless of relationship status of either party.
I smashed this badass Navahoe the other day in the fan rooms on board the USS Get-it
by Dontreal December 08, 2009
7 5
A pre-madonna (can be female, or male, mostly female though) whom is very gender and sexuality unsure. Also whines alot... and has a whiney voice
Person1: Hey hey hey! (gayest voice possible)
Person2: Fuck Off Navahoe!!
Person1: Ok-k-k!
by New Zealand Person August 11, 2008
3 3
Word for a Navajo (Native American) girl who is a "whore" or "hoe".

Damn, that native american girl is really slutty and mean.

I know, dude. What a Nava-hoe.
by Runs like a Girl March 07, 2009
8 14