A girl who is sweet and silly yet can whoop your butt at beer pong or chill with the guys any night of the week! She trusts easily but always protects her heart. An adventurous spirit.
"Natalyn is always up for super bowl Sunday! She is a peanut"
by penpal February 04, 2010
Top Definition
Old English: From Lyn: Beautiful . One word doesn't do it, this is a gorgeous, warm-hearted, sweet, thoughtful, fun and all around wonderful girl. Loves to shop, dance, and cuddle! She is a fantastic kisser capable of knocking you off your feet. Natalyn is family oriented and has very strong morals while still being able to have a ton of fun. She will make for the best girlfriend ever and will do everything she can to make you happy. In one word, Natalyn is amazing!
Date a Natalyn and see!
by foo shoo February 03, 2010
A HOT girl that it's hard not to want to date. Gorgeous! When you see a Natalyn, you don't want to turn away she's so hot.
Even if you have a Girlfriend, you like her more than you GF.
IRRESISTIBLE! That's what a Natalyn is!
by frgejhierT.D.B.kgvtufytdfyd January 05, 2011
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