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Function: transitive verb
Inflected forms: nastified, nastifying

1: To dominate so thoroughly, and spectacularly in any competitive event (i.e. sports, video games, etc.) that it seems like the shit you are doing is impossible.
Example #1
Person A (reffering to GH3): "I just 100% Through the Fire and Flames on Expert!"
Person B: "You just nastified that shit!"
Example #2
Person A: (reffering to Super Smash Bros. 64): "Yo who's tryin to get nastified by Falcon?"
Person B: "Whatever son, I guarantee you won't nastify like last game with all 15 kills."
Example #3
After dropping 25 in the fourth to win the game. "Damn nigga, I nastified last night in the fourth!"
by DominationTheory February 28, 2008
Johnny is threatening to nastify himself so that no one bothers him so he can study for finals.
by Ryan Spusta March 21, 2005