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Gorgeous, girl has heavenly pair of "take me" eyes, has the most attractive smile in universe , happy , beauty inside and outside, trustworthy , intelligent , great personality, outgoing , funny , supportive and caring , independent , the perfect girl , HOT as HELL , hard to forget , lovely ,smart, she can keep a fun conversation , never ever let her go, treat from what she is - a princess <3 .everyone loves her.never ignore her. And the man who gets to spend his life with her, will be the luckiest man ever. don't get her mad or you'll pay for it. just be good with her,but the most important always be there for her never dissapoint her. (:
in a word She's the most loveliest girl in the world!
First Girl: I've always wanted to be a NASTARAN...
Second: Obviously you can never be, you're a loser!

First guy: NASTARAN is the best girl in world
second: yeah... NASTARANs are always the best
by OrlandoBloomJackSparrow June 06, 2013
Nastaran means having big boobs and curvacious in general.

A Nastaran nasturbates all the time.
hey you Nastaran, stop nasturbating
by Sajad1234567 February 20, 2011

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