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Phising/Identity Theft internet speak for the three most important pieces of information to take control of the life and finances of a US citizen. I was playing around on omegle earlier to see who could figure this acronym out lol. Anyway, they are;

Address (&)
Social Security Number
On omegle;

Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hey
You: nassn?
Stranger: nassn?
You: think
You: lol
You: I don't actually want it
You: One person actually got it
Stranger: not another stranger sexy nugget.
Stranger: idk
You: name
You: address
You: &...
Stranger: name address, social security?
You: yup
You: lol
Stranger: last n..
Stranger: hm
Stranger: number?
You: yeah
You: lol
Stranger: haha yay!
You: I don't know it's kinda funny
Stranger: hahah
Stranger: i thought you spelled NASA wrong or something
You: no
You: I meant nassn
Stranger: i see that now
Stranger: so what number do you mean,
Stranger: phone
You: so you're the second person out of like 20 who got it
Stranger: credit card
Stranger: lisence plate
Stranger: theyre so many
You: yeah but the ssn rules all
You: anyway thanks for playing
You: I just felt like testing this out
You: night
Stranger: night you
Stranger: tc.
You have disconnected.
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by OmegleBitchWhore September 20, 2009
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