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Not All Scares Heal : Emo Term For Showing Pain
Kim : Remember That Guy That Broke My Heart...
Jess : Oh Do You Mean Lee..
Kim : Yes Sigh Wish I Could Get Over Him..
Jess : N.A.S.H Hunny <3
Kim : I Know But Its So Hard
by LairFailDie December 24, 2011
Someone who thinks is mad and really mad and loves to eat curry. A Nash always talks about how large a feature of his body is and likes anal penetration. One day the wank goblin will take a visit to his house and we all know what will happen then.
"What a Nash"

Hot Chick "What is that thing eating curry"
Chicks friend" Is pretty ugly... I would classify that a Nash"
by mc hk tp October 17, 2011
ass, gash and nipples - all out at once
im nashing out

get your nash out

omg that girl has her whole nash out.. what a whore
To tell a lie or creative story that is not true
Dude, are you nashing me?
by Iamtoogood4u April 06, 2011
When a person called Nicky and a person called Ashley make sexy time... Mmmmm WOWOWAWEEWAA!!!
Nash made a sexy time the other night
by Nash202 January 12, 2011
Nash is another word for a Vagina , pussy ect......
HotShot : U Get Any Nash From She Yet

Bang Boy : Not Yet

Jim Screechy : U She Nash Sooo Fat !!!
by Guru Vain October 24, 2010
To move oneself with haste; do something quickly; hurry the f*** up.
'tis midnight and last orders are being called.... I must nash to the bar
by mazdul June 05, 2007