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n - a non-kinky human who is utterly normal, vanilla, mundane, boring, a yuppie, and/or a douchebag
You know, when you spank me in front of the open window at night, I bet it really freaks out the neighborhood narwhals.
by menace to propriety August 15, 2009
2 14
A kick to the vaginal region
Your Narwhal just hit my clit you tard!
by Ilike big penisssss January 08, 2010
1 14
*Verb* Na-r-wa-ll Present: Narwhal Past: Narwhalled

The act of unexpectedly kicking a female in the vagina and yelling "NARWHAL!" either before or after the kick.

This can happen suddenly while in conversation or by walking up and performing it.

This act may come from either a male or female, but males find much more joy and humor in it.
Girl: Hi Georges! How are you?
Boy: Oh hey Lisa, I'm great. How are you?
Girl: Oh I'm pretty good myse-
Boy (Unexpectedly): NARWHAL! *Kicks*


Girl 1: Oh my gosh, yesterday Noah narwhalled me! It hurt so fricking bad!

Girl 2: Oh I know! I got narwhalled by John today. He narwhalled me so hard that I was lifted off the ground and his shoe got stuck!
by Roberto Miller November 03, 2008
9 22
Narwhal, the sluts of the sea, they use their long horn to fuck other sea creatures. They are constantly horny (hence the incredibly long horn) they are not picky and will sometimes gang up to fuck some unsuspecting sea creature.
Yo dude, back off, stop being such a narwhal
by Johan Hedberg April 14, 2005
98 161