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1. A functional extension of the word nasty, signifying an extreme amount thereof. It describes an act of such utter ridiculousness and skill that the recipient of the action feels nasty afterwards because it happened to them.

2. An original player name for online games coined by B.J.Y. in Atlanta, GA ca. 2003.

origin: see example. Influences also from adding the term -ified to an adj. to create a verb (i.e. nastified), -ation to signify a noun, as well as an r to an adjective to make it more interesting.

related forms: narstified, verb
"This server is full of pros... that guy shot me in the head with surgical narstification." -Don N.

"What does narsti...uh...whatever mean?"
"Go look it up on"
by Narstification March 26, 2008
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