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To take a non-legitimate sick day - The action one takes when one has the shits with work.
My boss is a complete tard so I was forced to narn.
by longweekend April 07, 2006
Not a real nigga
Narn:when everybody know this person just don't keep it real at all times and can't be trusted.
by iRoni December 11, 2013
A noise one makes while masticating soft, chewy foods.
These jellybeans are delicious. *narn*
by April 15, 2004
A word used to describe someone you are jealous of but is taken in a derogatory fashion.
It is tended to be used by those who are intellectually challenged.
Person 1: You're a narn
Person 2: Oh, thanks honey!
by Narnnarn May 17, 2013
A term used to insult or demean a person after they have stated the obvious.

Boy-"Hey is the sky blue?"

Girl-"Narn you retard, of course its blue."

Derived from the word Narnia
by Spence-Dizzle November 11, 2006
A noise made by dogs who are feeling particularly loving and happy.
My pet dog was relaxed, and narned when I was affectionate to him.
by Cpt.Flint August 26, 2005

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