used when sumthing is great but u have to put a dude at the end of the sentence!
that is narley dude!!!
by steven March 15, 2005
Top Definition
narley or gnarley meens the most totaly rad thing in the world..... used by me alot ...bit of an 80s throwback...
dude thats the sickest line you got going down its like totaly narley
by Rad dude April 14, 2004
An adjective used to describe a noun, in which said noun could be alternatively described as "totally sick", "radical", or "wicked".
That wave was sooooo narley, man!
by Tim April 01, 2005
Something that is cool or rockin'
alicia,Beth,eilidh,music,ice-tea with swiss cannibas,food,alans icer,finlays parties,raindrops on roses,whiskers on kittens,brown copper kettles and warm woolen mittens,brown paper packages tied up with string,cream coloured ponies,crisp apple strudles,doorbells and sleighbells and schniptzel with noodles wild geese that fly with the moon on there wings,girls in white blue dresses with white satin sashes,snowflakes which stay on my nose and eyelashes,silver white winter which melt into springs,festivals,alcohol(please drink responsibly),dave grohls smile,laura,edelweiss,james brown,hot chocolate,when it rains outside and your inside nice and cosy watching a good dvd,when someone lives through a death situation,rocking out,dancing round a room singing to songs badly while someone is typing a definition to narley, just stuff like that, etc etc
by johnny b goode August 09, 2005
Narley means wicked or kewl.
Woah man that shits narley!
by SeXcBaYbE January 12, 2003
Basically, a copycat motorcycle made to look like a Harley. Japanese V-twin cruisers are the most common. "Narley" is short for "Not-Harley". Another derivative is Farley, which is Fake-Harley.
This weekend on the bike run, I saw a bunch of posers on their Narleys...they looked like newbs in their crispy leather.
by Richter Ass October 08, 2013
it was out there and scary but exciting
jumpin outta a plane or doin a move on ur motorbike!"that shits narley"
by ash January 04, 2005
When something is really over the edge. big. bad. has lots of spikes. kinda like a punk rocker with pins. huge pitching wave.

can be either narle, narley, gnarley, narley-est,

narle-dude or narle-dudette
I just caught the most narley wave dude!

That smoke is most narle!
by rockitfish August 23, 2007
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