Someone who is in a bad mood. In refrence to sour grapes
She was in a bad mood. She must have stopped by Napa earlier.
by foofykitty May 24, 2006
1. A bean plantation worker.
2. A sunmaid rasins worker.
3. A highway fruitstand worker.
4. A hard working pon who often smells of oranges or beans. Napa often struggles to put the salsa on the table for his family of 24.
Napa: Who wants burritos!
Atano: I do!
Liquid: STFU Atano!
by Laz September 15, 2004
A small town in the North Bay. Reknown for its extensive wine vineyards and being 92% white

Look it up.
Come Erwin, I believe we'll take mosy on over to Napa.
by M. Du May 06, 2005
The most stupid, unchill town in California. The think they're the shit, and in reality they're just a bunch of napkins. They hate the towns that surround them, cause they know that they all could beat their asses. To everyone who happens to live there.....i'm sorry.
"We didnt light that shit on fire, what are you talking about!"
by the man April 13, 2005
Acronym for nasty ass pussy area
Yo I was gonna go down on your mom but she got a napa.
by shunky deggies January 13, 2015

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