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5 definitions by foofykitty

The arm pit of southern california. or the meth lab capital of the world
I accidentally blew up my house "cooking". didn't matter though.. it was only in the 909. I'll just buy a new one with my crack money.
by foofykitty August 17, 2006
shoving one's fist up one's ass. Similar to fisting only a funnier word.
hey sailor... wanna go home and arm barn me?
by foofykitty May 24, 2006
When a man grows a thin strip of hair from his bottom lip to the bottom of his chin.
Hey Bryan... time to trim your on ramp for cock.
by foofykitty August 16, 2006
a bunch of happy men. who put winkies in their bums.

see bum
see winky
all them thar gays look gay. getter done
by foofykitty May 24, 2006
Someone who is in a bad mood. In refrence to sour grapes
She was in a bad mood. She must have stopped by Napa earlier.
by foofykitty May 24, 2006