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the hat that my friend wears
by joe May 01, 2003
2 20
one from the snowy north. person of the snow. person/people living somewhere so cold their body parts might freeze and fall off.
the term is also sometimes used as a descriptive word to describe someone dressed as though they live in the snowy north.
"You nanukes of the north are a crazy bunch! I would rather live in the south!"

"Nice hat and scrarf Nanuke!"

Upon seeing the child dressed in a knit hat covered by the bulky hood of a winter jacket, so that only her eyes shown through, the man said, "what's up Nanuke!?'
by mothership713 February 01, 2011
4 2
To depleat ones confidence as well as strength and mental meaning. To be ravished and mutilated. To be carried out within extensive for-longing pain.
Nanuke did it!
by Larex September 01, 2003
5 14