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Is what you call a person who is a mod of a site and who cannot think of an insult to use against a member he is pissing off, in short: a Twat

Our friend Anarchy being the poor member in this case
A nanto: obviously you needed to look up illiterate
Anarchy: Nope. I knew the definition. Your the one that looked it up.
A nanto: you're*
A nanto: no you didn't
Anarchy: Haha.
A nanto: illiterate doesn't only mean a person who cannot read and write
anarchy (6:07:00PM): No shit sherlock.
A nanto: illiterate means uneducated in something
Anarchy (6:07:30PM): Ah...I will give you are a hell of alot more stubborn than me nanto. At least I know when to let something go.
by Jomoh November 07, 2006
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