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interjection for "Know what I mean?", but not always where you'd fine that whole phrase, more often in place of "you know?"
The bitch was all in my face, nameen?
by Vimica May 10, 2003
Commonly evolved slang for "Know what I mean?"

Even more condensed than the now outdated naadameen.

Pronounced: Na-meen (as fast as you can slur it together)

In today's busy world, who has time to pronounce the spaces between words? Especially rappers, who are busing making millions singing about making millions, time is money! So they invented phrases like naadameen and zamzang to put emphasis on their general message: you must believe what they say and idolize it, listen to the repetative hooks that tell you how much better their lives are than yours, then talk amongst your friends and/or people on the internet about how cool they are or what they're wearing or generally stuff about their lives that has nothing to do with you, like people have done for the popular people in Hollywood for so long.
Y'all zamzang, nameen?
by May 05, 2009
The guy that works at the 7-11.
"Hey Nameen, pump 3 and a lotto ticket"
by Benji July 22, 2004
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